Card Usage FAQs

About My Giftly Visa® Gift Card

How do I use my Giftly Visa Gift Card?

Giftly Visa Gift Cards are redeemable everywhere Visa is accepted. Spending is limited to the amount of money placed on the gift card by the purchaser.

A Few Tips:

  1. Payment processing terminals at gas stations may vary. In general, the best way to use a card at a gas station is to pay inside. Tell the attendant to only charge the amount you specify.
  2. The purchase amount will be automatically deducted from the gift card balance.
  3. To access your balance, visit the Check Balance page or call 844-234-9660.

Does my gift card expire? (Yes)

The expiration date is noted on the front of the gift card. Once the expiration date is reached, the gift card is no longer redeemable and the funds are no longer accessible.

Can I use my gift card at an ATM? (No)

Gift cards are not ATM-accessible. Additionally, they are not redeemable for cash.

Are there any service fees?

There are no fees associated with using your gift card. However, a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $4.95 will be deducted on the 1st day of the thirteenth month after 12 months of inactivity.

How do I activate my gift card?

Visit the Activate Card page and type your gift card number and CVN. Once the gift card is activated, it is ready for use.

Most Common Questions / Problems:

Why is my gift card not working?

If the purchase amount is greater than the card value, a merchant's point-of-sale system may decline the gift card. Check the card balance and ask the clerk to run the transaction for the exact balance on the gift card. A clerk may be trying to run your transaction as a debit rather than a credit transaction. Although your card may be run as a debit transaction, you will need a PIN. To retrieve your PIN, visit the Activate Card page, Check Balance page, or call 844-234-9660.

If you are experiencing other issues, please call 844-234-9660.

I was not able to use my gift card at a gas station.

When using your gift card at a gas station, pay inside. Tell the attendant how much you have on your gift card and how much you wish to purchase. Using the gift card at the gas pump may result in a declined transaction because many gas stations automatically authorize the card for $100.00 or more. If your gift card does not have at least $100 remaining, it will be declined.

My gift card was declined at a restaurant.

Much like gas stations, restaurants often authorize 20 percent more than your bill total. Check your balance and ask the waiter to run the transaction for the exact balance on the gift card. Pay the tip separately.

Why was I not able to use the gift card for an online purchase?

Online purchases may be declined for two reasons. First, your billing address must be the same as the address associated with the gift card. If the addresses do not match, the transaction may be declined. To register your gift card, visit the Register Card page. Secondly, split-tender purchases such as using two different gift cards to make a purchase may not be applicable online. If you are having trouble making an online purchase, call 844-234-9660.

Why is the balance of my gift card lower than it should be?

If you were making a purchase and the transaction was either canceled, declined, or pending, the merchant's system may have placed a hold on the gift card funds. The hold should be released as soon as the transaction is removed.